Products – Monthly Gift.


Looking for Le Parcel? We’ve joined forces with Monthly Gift to provide the best quality period products and piece-of-mind to women throughout their cycles.

Our Products.

Monthly Gift manufactures it’s own brand of high-quality, FDA approved feminie care products.


Monthly Gift tampons are made right here in the USA, using the same materials that have been used in leading brand feminine care products for years, ensuring your comfort and safety.

All our products are ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and do not contain Natural Rubber Latex, Pesticides or Herbicides.


Monthly Gift pads have a super absorbent gel core that locks in moisture and keeps you feeling clean and dry all day. The tensile wings help to fight off leaks and the special adhesive system prevents from shifting.


Monthly Gift liners have a natural contour shape to better fit your body and a extra wide slip-proof adhesive for your busiest days.