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Looking for Le Parcel? We’ve joined forces with Monthly Gift to provide the best quality period products and piece-of-mind to women throughout their cycles.


Need help? We’ve got you covered.

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  • How do I update my billing information?

    You can update your billing information in your MG app or through Monthly Gift website by logging in and heading to your “ACCOUNT” settings.

  • How does MG pricing work?

    Monthly Gift offers three subscription options:
    Cycle-to-Cycle Subscription – $13/month
    6 Cycle Subscription – $12/month – Total: $72
    12 Cycle Subscription – $10/month – Total: $120

    Bonus: You can pause your subscription (you know when you’re on a fabulous vacation or studying abroad) up to 3 cycles at one time, which you can manage within your app settings under your “ACCOUNT.”

  • How does my MG subscription work?

    Your Monthly Gift subscription is all about customized convenience.

    Customized: Select the femme care products that match your period needs and the MG team will build a Little Black Box made just for you. P.S. There’s chocolate too!

    Convenience: Your Little Black Box syncs with your cycle and will arrive several day before your period start date.

  • How long can I ‘pause’ my LBB subscription?

    You can pause your subscription for up to 3 cycles at a time. Don’t worry, there’s no additional cost to pause!

    Your subscription will automatically start up again following the last paused cycle.
    For more information about this feature, email us at

  • What does it mean to ‘pause’ my LBB subscription?

    Monthly Gift is all about convenience and fitting into your lifestyle. If you’re going on a long vacation (lucky you!) or have enough products leftover from last month, you can put your subscription on hold.

  • What forms of payment does MG accept?

    Monthly Gift accepts most debit and major credit cards, including VISA, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover.

  • What is MG’s cancellation policy?

    If you wish to cancel your Monthly Gift subscription, please log in to your account and select ‘CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION’ under your ‘SUBSCRIPTION’ details or email us at

  • What is MG’s refund policy?

    Monthly Gift does not accept refunds. For more information, please visit or email us at

  • When does MG charge my debit or credit card each month?

    For 12 Cycle and 6 Cycle subscriptions, you will be charged at the time of purchase. For Cycle-to-Cycle subscriptions, you will be charged 3 business days before your date of shipment.

  • Are MG products safe?

    Yes! Rest assured that all Monthly Gift products are FDA approved under the registration number 3012415950.

    Monthly Gift tampons are classified with the FDA as a Class II medical device which are manufactured under a Quality Management System that complies with all applicable parts of Quality System Regulation, 21 CFR 820 and ISO 13485 requirements.

    Monthly Gift performs extensive safety testing to ensure that the women who use Monthly Gift tampons during menstruation can do so with confidence and test results are reviewed by outside experts including physicians, scientists, and health authorities who oversee product safety testing. Assessments based on these studies have confirmed that our tampons and the materials used to make them can be used safely.

  • Can I flush MG products?

    The short answer is no. The long answer is anything other than toilet paper or human waste (ew.) should not be flushed.

  • Having trouble finding a box variation that works for you?

    We’d love to help you put together the perfect Little Black Box. Email us at or give us a call at (888) 444-9661 and we will help you customize a box that’s just right.

  • How can I order MG for my work, organization, team or sorority?

    Monthly Gift products are available in bulk orders for girl gangs of all kinds. If you’d like to order MG for your crew, please email us at so we can assist you.

  • How do I change the products in my LBB order?

    Changing your assortment is super simple, we promise! Head over to your account page in the app or on the website and edit “YOUR LBB.” Be sure to save your changes! Your next Little Black Box will arrive with your updated selections. If you have a current shipment in transit, the box will not reflect your changes – but your next cycle’s order will.

  • How often should I change my tampon, pad or liner?

    Depending on how heavy your flow is, you should be changing your femme care products on average every 4-8 hours. You should never leave your MG tampon in for more than 8 hours, and you should be sure to change your pad or liner frequently too!

  • What are MG products made of?

    Monthly Gift manufactures our own brand of high-quality, FDA approved feminine care products.

    Monthly Gift tampons are made of the same materials that have been safely used in leading brand feminine care products for years. The primary materials of Monthly Gift tampons are cotton, rayon and a non-woven cover.

    Monthly Gift performs extensive safety testing to ensure that the women who use our tampons during menstruation can do so with confidence and test results are reviewed by outside experts including physicians, scientists, and health authorities who oversee product safety testing. Assessments based on these studies have confirmed that our tampons and the materials used to make them can be used safely.

    The five components of Monthly Gift tampons include:
    – The polyethylene (plastic) APPLICATOR provides for secure and comfortable tampon insertion
    – The USP grade rayon ABSORBENT CORE absorbs menstrual fluid while the over-wrapped polyethylene/polypropylene ABSORBENT CORE COVER along with our exclusive Fiber-Lock technology that weaves the fibers together to substantially reduce fiber shed common to tampons, ensures for a comfortable removal experience and consumer safety.
    – Both the tampon CORD and THREAD are made from 100% cotton and supports tampon removal while ensuring the integral and strong cord attachment.
    * Components of products are ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and do not contain Natural Rubber Latex, Pesticides or Herbicides.

    Monthly Gift pads have a super absorbent gel core that locks in moisture and keeps you feeling clean and dry all day. The tensile wings help to fight off leaks and the special adhesive system prevents from shifting.

    Monthly Gift liners have a natural contour shape to better fit your body and a extra wide slip-proof adhesive for your busiest days.

  • What are the ingredients in my MG emergency chocolate?

    You can review ingredients for various flavors of Monthly Gift’s emergency chocolate at

  • What are the MG tampon absorbencies?

    Monthly Gift tampons follow the Syngyna Absorbency (grams) in accordance with FDA requirements.
    Light: ≥ 4.5 and ≥ 6.0
    Regular: 7.5 ± 1.5
    Super: 10.5 ± 1.5
    * Since studies have shown that the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) increases with higher absorbency, you should use the lowest absorbency tampon needed to control your menstrual flow.

  • What brand of femme care products does MG use?

    Monthly Gift manufactures all of our own custom feminine care products so that we can be sure you receive the highest quality goods available. We’ve created a new brand of sleek, stylish femme care products that are always FDA approved under the registration number 3012415950.

  • What is TSS?

    Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare but serious disease that occurs in men, women, and children and has been associated with tampon usage in some cases*. To reduce the risk of TSS, wash your hands regularly, change your tampon frequently, and always use the lowest absorbency tampon size possible. *About 1-17 cases occur per 100,000 menstruating women per year in the United States.

  • What type of applicator do MG tampons have?

    Monthly Gift tampons have smooth plastic applicators with formed rounded petals for comfortable insertion. The plastic applicator has a contoured textured finger grip providing secure and confident handling and proper tampon placement.

    Each Monthly Gift tampon is individually sealed in a soft and quiet polyethylene wrapper providing for a discreet experience during use. The wrapper includes a horizontal “easy-open” perforation that facilitates easy access and leaves the wrapper intact for discreet disposal of the empty applicator.

  • Does MG ship internationally?

    Monthly Gift does not currently ship outside of the United States, but will soon be accepting international orders. Stay tuned!

  • How can I track my LBB?

    Once your LBB ships, you will receive a confirmation email from us that contains a tracking number. If you click on the tracking number link in that email, you’ll be taken to a page that displays your LBB’s shipping status.

    If you can’t find that confirmation email (don’t forget to check your spam folder!), email us at and we’ll happily help you out.

  • How do I update my shipping address?

    To update your shipping address, log into the MG app or head to the Monthly Gift website and update your “ACCOUNT” section.

  • Is shipping free?

    Shipping is always on us. It’s our treat to you!

  • My LBB order is wrong.

    We’re so sorry to hear that you didn’t get the right Little Black Box – that’s super frustrating. We’ll do our best to make this right as soon as possible. Give us a call at (888) 444-9661 or send us an email at to speak with someone on our team.

  • My LBB was late or never arrived.

    We’re so sorry to hear your Little Black Box didn’t arrive as promised. Let’s figure this out. Please email for further assistance.

  • How do I update my account information?

    If you need to update your account details, log into the Monthly Gift website or head to the MG app, and visit “ACCOUNT” to edit your personal information. If you are still having trouble, send us an email at

  • How is my cycle length calculated on an ongoing basis?

    Your cycle length is first set by you when registering for the app. MG. then uses a rolling average to keep your cycle length accurate based on the data you enter.

  • I forgot my username and/or password.

    Forget something? It happens. Click “Forgot Password?” on the log in page and we’ll email you a temporary password. You can use this to log in and then update your password under your “ACCOUNT” settings. If you are still having trouble, send us an email at

  • My MG app isn’t working.

    If your Monthly Gift app isn’t behaving, please delete the app and re-install it from the Apple or Google Play Store on your phone.

    Don’t worry, all of your information will be saved.

    If you are still experience issues after re-installing the app, please contact our support team at for further assistance.

  • My period lasts more than 5 days. How do I add days to my period?

    You can add days to your period by simply creating a new Period note each day your period surpasses 5 days. We will be adding the ability to also remove days from your period if yours is shorter than 5 days.

  • When I downloaded the app I entered my period start date incorrectly. How can I update it?

    Step 1 – Open the app
    Step 2 – Click the period start date you had set
    Step 3 – Swipe left to delete the note
    Step 4 – Add a new period note on the correct day

  • Why don’t I have fertile days on my calendar?

    If you’re on hormonal birth control (like the pill) or if you have a copper IUD, you do not have a fertile window. If you are not on hormonal birth control and your fertile window is not appearing in the app, please email us at If you’d like more information about birth control, reach out to your doctor.