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Real Talk: Reflections on Period Sex

period sex

The last time I had period sex, it was pretty much just like the sex I had the week before, only difference being the shedding of my lady interiors. I should also note that the white silicone head of my beloved Magic Wand was now smeared with blood and I had a flash of panic about it being permanently discolored, but otherwise same old, same old.

OK yes, there are some other practical differences and considerations when it comes to having period sex – staining and taste and the like – but nothing insurmountable. For instance, my biggest concern is getting blood on my sheets, mostly because I have really nice sheets and I prefer to keep them that way. I’ll be banging away and mentally calculating exactly how much blood is in play at that moment – is it enough to ruin my sheets for sure, or a small enough amount that I can just sexily flip on to my stomach to quickly stop the drip of fluids immediately following a penis being pulled out of my vagina? (FYI, I was near the end of my blood run this last sexy time so fortunately the flip move worked out perfectly.) Also, I have a mild aversion to receiving oral sex – mostly out of concern for my partner, and also my future self being presented with a bloody mouth to kiss – but I am a real trooper and I make the best of it. Because honestly, how many times have I sucked a dick that came out of my bloody parts in transition from one act to another? A lot. It’s really not so bad, a little salty with a hint of copper.

Speaking of fluids, blood is not a great lube. In theory, adding another liquid into the equation should only increase the slippery factor, i.e., more fluids = more slippery, but this is not the case. When I am having period sex, my vaginal fluids dry up right after I orgasm and then the watery quality of my menstrual blood is painfully obvious. During “regular sex” my lady juices typically replenish like they’re sourced from a never-ending spring. This is all to say, when it comes to lubrication, period sex can be a bit of a struggle.

It’s worth noting that staining, taste and lubrication are also typical concerns associated with non-period sex, yet these things are (hopefully) not preventing anyone from getting busy. Think about it, who among us hasn’t battled an errant cum stain on a dress, couch or comforter? And when it comes to flavor, has every guy you’ve gone down on tasted like heaven? Doubt it! Both men and women are absolutely subject to the effects of their diet when it comes to the palatable nature of their genital fluids and so the variants are just something to get on board with sooner rather than later. As for lubrication – it’s necessary, be it sex with a partner or sex with yourself, period or not. The vagina is a wily creature and she sometimes needs a little help keeping up with the activities. Thank God there is a flourishing market of lubes for all situations and budgets!

Now for some solutions

Stains: The old, “put a dark towel down” trick works great; in a pinch I use my black terrycloth robe or any dirty clothes I don’t mind soiling. Of course, sometimes you get carried away with sexy feelings before remembering to take such precautions and find yourself with some unwanted blood stains – if this is the case, check out our handy dandy stain removal tips.

Taste: Fluids taste like stuff – whether they taste “good” or “bad” is generally subjective and out of your hands so stop worrying! Eat a healthy-ish diet to maintain peak pleasant flavor all month long and embrace the variety of tastes our bodies present.

Lubrication: A staple of any sex prop stash – it will aid in masturbation and all manners of sex, period or otherwise. Do yourself a favor and get the fancy silicone lube – it keeps things greased up without reapplication for a looooooonnng time and is positively worth the extra money.

Now get out there and focus on the physical joys your lady parts could be receiving! Dive into some period sex and shed your worries like a uterine lining.

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