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A Thank You Letter To My Period

To my Dearest Period,

You and I have been on a long journey together thus far. Each month, you wreak havoc on my vagina and make me bleed profusely for days on end without the promise of death as the flow comes to its sweet ending. It’s a special kind of hell to plot my days with escape strategies as to where I can find salvation to clot my uteri with yet another cotton contraption, one of the near thousands I’ve now used in your company.

You stress me out, you make me eat a shit ton of things that I know I shouldn’t and you cause my eye sockets to spontaneously combust at the slightest feel of emotions. Let’s not even talk about the way you induce my monthly routine of self-loathing of my own body because aside from the bleeding, you’ve also given me a few extra pounds of water weight because apparently you too, are thirsty.

One might come to truly hate such a nuisance and even though you make me completely frustrated at times, you’re actually a blessing to my life. You deserve a proper thank you and I’m sorry I haven’t told you this sooner.

Thank you for being consistently there for me to remind me that my reproductive health and body functions are working properly. Thank you for reminding me that I have a body that is bred to house another human being and that even though I may not use the gift of my monthly egg fertilization, you will clean up the mess and continue the process should I choose to embark down that road again in the future. Each month you give me a new chance and I’m grateful.

Thank you for those times that you showed up when I was panicked and scared that you wouldn’t and reminding me once again that I need to be really fucking careful and safe when I decide to become intimate. I know that I’ve been negligent in the past but your reappearance when I thought I would lose you for a while has caused me to grow up and make better decisions. You’ve turned me into a better adult.

Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay to give in to my emotions and for giving me a healthy dose of emotional release every month. Sure, I cry at the sight of a cute old couple strolling through the park or during a tender moment in a Windex commercial but you’ve taught me that it’s completely okay for me to feel things and express myself the way that I need to naturally.

Thank you for toughening me up over the years. I’ll admit it, when you first showed up in my life, I was less than thrilled and even if I still seem to dread your monthly arrival, in hindsight, I look back and realize that I’ve become a lot more resilient because of you. I actually can make it through the days where your dinosaur hands grip my insides and I can function effectively even though a crimson waterfall is escaping from my lady bits. You fight hard but I fight back harder- it’s all love.

Thank you for reminding me that I need to take time-outs sometimes– to curl up with a blanket, a hot water bottle and my favorite snacks and just take some time to relax and enjoy the calm through the storm. Your storm rages vigorously at times but I know I will always survive it and that I can find beauty in the grimness of your waking.

Thank you for reminding me that I am indeed a woman. A badass, strong, amazing, resilient, warrior fucking woman. I am ruthless. I will survive you and anything else you challenge me with in my future. It’s because of you that I am who I am. Even though you’re a royal pain in my ass sometimes, the truth is, I actually do love you.

You are my insides. You are my reminder to keep going. You are my strength.

Thank you for your twisted sense of love.


Your human body

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