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Rocking Period Undies aka Enjoying a White Pants Moment on my Period

Period undies

I have a confession: I’ve been recklessly wearing white pants during my period.

It doesn’t end there. Khaki skirts, white dresses, and icy, soft lilac capris. I’m getting cocky. I’m throwing apparel caution to the period winds. I’m having a little menstruation hubris moment right now.

Why would I, on each and every day of my period, not dress myself in head-to-toe black? It’s the right thing to do…the safe thing. For most of my life I have been a menses ninja, appearing only at night in full black just in case of a leak. But my game changed two months ago.

I acquired a few pairs of Dear Kates. And let me say this—I was skeptical. I was certain they were going to feel weird and be bulky. I was also certain they wouldn’t be able to protect me on heavy days three through five when the ‘ish gets real. I mean, really real.

I should mention I use period panties as a back up system; they are my “period generator” for when the first line of defense goes down.  I’ve had more “accidental” white pants moments than I care to remember. Having a period that likes to pop up sporadically like an overbearing mother, I’ve lost many a pair of pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses to my period over the years. I used to be embarrassed by it in my younger years. Like crying embarrassed (I don’t anymore—it’s just biology folks). But still, it’s really inconvenient and messy.

So, I tried them out stealthily at first with jeans. They were soft, comfy, and not at all bulky. And they worked. So, I tried a pair of khakis on Day Four of my period (or as I like to call it, the Apocalypse). Absolute success. Finally, it was time for the coup de gras, wide-legged white trousers during Day Five at a baby shower.

Nothing. Not a drop. That was all I needed. They had gained my full trust.

My period days are now an explosion of pale, powdery pinks and vibrant yellows. Gone are the days of jeans and black pants in 96-degree weather. I rebelliously wear my favorite white dress and don’t spend a moment of time on worry.

I’m having a new white pants moment, a better one.

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