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MG Memo Working Hard

MG. Memo: Meet Our Awesome Interns!

We can’t believe it’s already July! Summer is racing by and we’re loving every minute of it. Working hard, playing hard, and getting to spend quality time with some badass babes. We wanted to introduce you to a dynamic duo working hard behind the scenes here at Monthly Gift. Our interns, Lily and Caitlin, are absolutely fabulous and their help is essential in making our mission a reality! Here’s a…

Real Talk

Real Talk: My Pregnancy Scare

The summer after my senior year of high school, I started talking to one of the guys I’d graduated with. We’d been best friends throughout the school year, but I never really thought of him as more than that until that summer. He was leaving for the army in just a few short months, so I thought I’d just see where things went. Ultimately, it’d ended up as…

Period Guide

What’s the Deal with Swimming on Your Period

‘Tis the season for bikinis and sunbathing, and with the holiday weekend upon us, you’re likely suiting up for three days of pool-time, neon floats and any color booze. If the stars have perfectly aligned and you find yourself on your period at this time, never fear – there is still fun to be had! You’re normal too, don’t forget that. No matter how meh you may feel,…

Health & Wellness MG Memo

MG. Memo: Inside the Monthly Gift App

Let’s admit it: we’re all pretty much always on our phones, regardless of how much we try not to be.  And while gramming and emoji-fests with friends via text are good for the soul, why not use these mobile appendages to do your body good too? Our Monthly Gift app is intended to do just that: to help you stay in tune with your body, on track with…