Girl Power

10 Anti-Woman Laws (Somehow) Still on the Books in the USA

Many of the laws that we abide by have some wonderful benefits. They help to keep the peace and make sure that things run smoothly in our society. But, there are some laws in place which make absolutely no sense. Some of these laws are aimed at women and deserve further exploration to uncover what they are and how they have affected the lives of women (or not)…

Girl Power

Fangirl Friday: 4 Ways to Volunteer and Help Women

While it may shock some of my friends now, I had a pretty religious upbringing. Catholic school, Sunday choir, altar serving, really just the whole kit and caboodle. When I was in 7th Grade, volunteering a certain number of hours was made mandatory. I rolled my eyes as any good wants-to-be-slightly-bad tween would, but really my mom had been exposing my brother and I to the power of donating our time…