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Girl Talk Puberty

Girl Talk: Having “The Sex Talk” with my Mom

I’ll never forget when my mother decided that it was time for me to get a crash course on the birds and the bees aka “the sex talk.” I was ten years old and had just gotten my period. I think she hoped that she’d be let off the hook because we had a class in school where the girls and boys were separated and they gave us…

Girl Talk Puberty

Girl Talk: How to Deal with Your New Hair Growth

Puberty brings many great developments: breasts, the ability to one day have children, and lots and lots of extra hair that you now must learn to manage. It may not be pretty, and it may be painful, but it is part of the initiation into womanhood – Welcome! What causes puberty-specific hair growth? When puberty begins, the pituitary glands send some hormones, FSH/LH, to tell your ovaries that…

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MG Asks: Do You Remembering Having “The Tampon Talk”?

Nowadays, it feels like there are a lot of options for that special time of the month. But back in my day it was pretty much pad v. tampon and given how tight my jeans were, you can bet your butt I was devoted to tampons. In attempting to remember my own story, I asked a few of friends what they remember about having the tampon talk and their first time…