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Endometriosis Foundation FYI Real Talk

Real Talk: Stronger Than My Endometriosis Struggle


This piece, Stronger Than My Struggle: My Battle with Hormones and Beyond, originally appeared on By Kelly Jones, Shreveport, IA I feel broken inside sometimes. I’ve struggled with periods, sex, getting a handle on my emotions, and getting pregnant. It seems like these things come so easily to other women, and it makes me feel like I’m defective. Although I don’t consider myself lucky to have endometriosis, I do consider…

FYI Period Guide Real Talk

Real Talk: Remember Not Only Cis Women Have Periods

In general, when people talk about periods, they tend to refer to them in terms of cisgender (or cis) women – that is, women whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth. You might think that’s fair enough: most people who have periods are cis women, after all. But other people, including some trans men, non-binary, agender and intersex people, have them, too. Back in…

Real Talk

Real Talk: Walking with Lions (While on my Period)

walking with lions on your period

The original plan was shark diving. The night before we were suppose to go, we learned that the dive had been cancelled due to rain, which still seems really weird because I don’t see how sharks would be bothered by rain. Not that I wasn’t relieved. My mom, who was an epic travel companion, was the one who had wanted to go shark diving instead of wine tasting…