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Period Guide

FYI Period Guide

What’s the Deal with Vaginal Dryness During Your Period?

Vaginal dryness

It might seem like vaginal dryness is the last problem you should be having during your period, especially if menopause is still two or three decades away. But it can happen at any age (research suggests 17% of people aged 18-50 experience it), and menstruation is a common cause. That’s especially true if you have a light flow or your period takes a few days to get going.…

FYI Period Guide Real Talk

Real Talk: Remember Not Only Cis Women Have Periods

In general, when people talk about periods, they tend to refer to them in terms of cisgender (or cis) women – that is, women whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth. You might think that’s fair enough: most people who have periods are cis women, after all. But other people, including some trans men, non-binary, agender and intersex people, have them, too. Back in…

FYI Period Guide

Menstrual Delights: Baths for Period Pain (P.S. They Burn Calories)

Baths for Period Pain

There’s nothing like a hot bath to help you unwind, relax, and even to cool your cramps. It’s a well-known secret that baths for period pain work wonders and we’re here to spread the news for those who aren’t yet in-the-know. How do baths relax you? A University of Wolverhampton study found “bathing improved general psychological wellness radically.” The quiet solitude spent in absolute (womb-like) comfort, can help you…