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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Vaginal Rejuvenation

vaginal rejuvenation

You’ve probably heard of vaginal rejuvenation and might even have a vague idea what it involves. But do you know why it’s offered, what it costs and what it is, exactly? Allow us to enlighten you… What is vaginal rejuvenation? Vaginal rejuvenation is also known as vaginoplasty – that is, plastic surgery on the vagina. A surgeon removes part of the vaginal lining and sews together muscles at…


Myth Busting: Laying Out the True Facts About the Labia

It wasn’t that long ago that I was having a conversation with an “enlightened” guy friend about the labia. He asks me, “What kind of situation do you have going on there?” Perplexed, I said, “Um…I have one. I’m not sure what you mean?” He went on to explain what kind of labias are most attractive (his preference is referred to colloquially as “The Barbie” – two guesses what that…


Getting to Know Your Breast Friends: Common Hormonal Breast Changes

OK, first off, if you notice any changes in one or both of your breasts, see a doctor. In particular, any sudden unexplained pain, a lump in the breast or armpit, nipple changes (including discharge), dimpled skin, or a rash need to be checked out asap. It’s not worth waiting around. Having said that, it’s also not worth panicking: 90% of the time, it won’t be cancer. A…

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Myth Busting: The Hymen and Virginity

Many people have heard the term “popping the cherry” in reference to a woman loosing her virginity. This phrase refers to the hymen that, if penetrated during intercourse (or various other activities), may cause bleeding. Some cultures use the hymen as proof of a woman’s virginity, but this is a problematic misconception. It’s time to get the facts right when it comes to the hymen: What is a hymen? The hymen is located…

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OBG(WHY)N: Understanding the Uterus

The uterus: we know it, we love it, but like most of our anatomy, many people have some questions about what exactly happens down (and in) there. We’ve got the answers! What exactly is the uterus? The uterus is a major organ in the female reproductive system. Also known as our womb, this is the place where offspring are conceived and grow or, if that’s not the plan, it’s where unfertilized…