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What’s the Deal with Craving Carbs During Your Period?

craving carbs

It happens like clockwork each month. The moment your period begins, you start a lusty pursuit of carbohydrates. The cravings start simply enough, a bagel for breakfast, or a pastry on the way to work, and by the end of the day, your food diary is telling deep, doughy sins of the carb variety. What’s up with craving carbs during our period and how can we keep those…

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Orgasms and Other *Interesting* Cramp Remedies

Women Can't Orgasm

Cramps seem like an inescapable fate for many people who have periods every month. Over half of people who menstruate report some sort of cramping or pain while they are menstruating. No doubt you’ve been told to eat right, exercise, and drink lot of water to make them better (Are you rolling your eyes because I sure do when someone tries to ‘Goop me.’) But when all the…

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Dos and Donts For Handling Your Ingrown Hairs

ingrown hairs

Embarrassing, irritating, and occasionally even painful. No, not your office holiday party, we’re talking about ingrown hairs. If there’s one place you really don’t want them, it’s your bikini line. But if you’ve ever waxed, shaved, or plucked the hair down there, you’ll know that avoiding them can feel impossible. The good news is, with a little care you should be able to get rid of ingrown hairs…

Birth Control

Everything You Need To Know About Male Contraception

Male Contraception

If you’re a cis woman (or a trans men) who sleeps with cis men, birth control has probably usually been your responsibility. That makes sense, given that the consequences of it failing are impossible for us to avoid. But the side effects, particularly from hormonal contraception, can sometimes be debilitating – everything from breast pain to clinical depression to (thankfully rarely) blood clots and strokes. Wouldn’t it be…

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Vaginal Rejuvenation

vaginal rejuvenation

You’ve probably heard of vaginal rejuvenation and might even have a vague idea what it involves. But do you know why it’s offered, what it costs and what it is, exactly? Allow us to enlighten you… What is vaginal rejuvenation? Vaginal rejuvenation is also known as vaginoplasty – that is, plastic surgery on the vagina. A surgeon removes part of the vaginal lining and sews together muscles at…