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Girl Power

Girl Power

5 Badass Female Illustrators to Watch Right Now

female illustrators

It’s no secret that art inspires, but at its best it also empowers. There are countless incredible female illustrators using their art to do just that. Using humor and poignant observations of society, the conversations these artists provoke with their work are crucial if we are going to affect true change. Here are some female artists we’re currently swooning over: Alison Rachel Alison Rachel’s Recipes for Self Love…

Girl Code

Girl Code: Having Male Friends When You’re in a Relationship

guy friends

It sounds so trite, but I’ve always been a girl who loves having male friends. I adore my girlfriends, they’re my ride or dies, but my dudes have helped me through some pretty dark days too and I cherish those bros. When I got into my current relationship I was quick to tell my partner about my guy friends (not that I needed to, he’s the most trusting,…

Girl Power

What Exactly is Mansplaining (and How do We Make it Stop)?

Despite what some people (including contributors to Urban Dictionary) seem to think, mansplaining doesn’t just refer to a man explaining something. It’s when a man explains something in a patronizing manner to someone (usually a woman) whom he wrongly assumes knows less about the topic than he does. The word rose to popularity in 2008, after the L.A Times published an excerpt of Rebecca Solnit’s essay Men Explain…