Girl Power

Girl Power

8 Ways To Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has traditionally been a time for celebrating romantic love: for giving and receiving chocolates and flowers and teddy bears wearing t-shirts with cheesy slogans. But what if this year it wasn’t about chintzy tokens and stuffed animals declaring their “wuv” for you? Life can be stressful and whether you have (or want) a partner or not, February 14 is the perfect time to show yourself a…

Girl Power

Women in Film: The Femme Led Films in 2018 That We Can’t Wait For

women in film

The numbers are out: women in film drove the highest grossing box office sales in 2017 for the first time in 60 years. Thankfully, with the 2018 line-up, Hollywood is doubling-down on female narratives and we can’t wait. Here are just a few of the many female-driven films to catch this year: Women of Action This year women are heading up several action thrillers. The mesmerizing, exceptionally talented…

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Womanspreading 101: The What, Why, Who, & How (Can I Get Involved)


Women all over the world are making more room for themselves and uncrossing their legs to protest society’s attempt to make us smaller via leg stance. It’s called womanspreading. Make room. What is Womanspreading? Instead of compacting ourselves into quiet corners, women are ignoring the female-only rules about “sitting like a lady” and spreading their legs as wide as they like. Why are Women Doing It? It’s not…

Girl Power

5 Badass Female Illustrators to Watch Right Now

female illustrators

It’s no secret that art inspires, but at its best it also empowers. There are countless incredible female illustrators using their art to do just that. Using humor and poignant observations of society, the conversations these artists provoke with their work are crucial if we are going to affect true change. Here are some female artists we’re currently swooning over: Alison Rachel Alison Rachel’s Recipes for Self Love…