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MG. Memo: Meet Our Awesome Interns!

We can’t believe it’s already July! Summer is racing by and we’re loving every minute of it. Working hard, playing hard, and getting to spend quality time with some badass babes. We wanted to introduce you to a dynamic duo working hard behind the scenes here at Monthly Gift. Our interns, Lily and Caitlin, are absolutely fabulous and their help is essential in making our mission a reality! Here’s a…

Working Hard

Infographic: Women in TV and the Gender Imbalance

Gender inequality in Hollywood is no secret. From Jennifer Lawrence’s piece in The Lenny Letter, to Emma Watson and Geena Davis’ candid discussion for Interview Magazine, some badass women (and men) of Hollywood are using their platform to talk about the issue of gender imbalance and working together to find a solution. To get an idea of what this gap looks like on screen and behind the scenes in television…

Working Hard

Five Female Focused Film Companies to Watch Out For

More and more people are starting to become enlightened to the great gender imbalance that exists in entertainment. Whether it was an article in the NYTimes, a hashtag on Twitter, or any of the numerous celebrity penned essays that did it, America is waking up to the fact that it’s high time to break up the old boys’ club that is Hollywood. A Casual Romance? More like seriously in love… Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner,…

Working Hard

5 Things to Remember When You’re Working in Your 20s

Working in your 20s can be weird. For many of us, we’re just starting out in our careers, we may be testing out different opportunities and trying to see what industry or role fits us best, and there are a lot of lessons to learn along the way. You can’t focus on everything all the time, and sometimes you’re just trying to pay rent and/or survive your 11-hour work day. That…