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What’s the Deal with Craving Carbs During Your Period?

craving carbs

It happens like clockwork each month. The moment your period begins, you start a lusty pursuit of carbohydrates. The cravings start simply enough, a bagel for breakfast, or a pastry on the way to work, and by the end of the day, your food diary is telling deep, doughy sins of the carb variety. What’s up with craving carbs during our period and how can we keep those…

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Orgasms and Other *Interesting* Cramp Remedies

Women Can't Orgasm

Cramps seem like an inescapable fate for many people who have periods every month. Over half of people who menstruate report some sort of cramping or pain while they are menstruating. No doubt you’ve been told to eat right, exercise, and drink lot of water to make them better (Are you rolling your eyes because I sure do when someone tries to ‘Goop me.’) But when all the…


7 Simple Tricks to Help Avoiding a PMS Fueled Fight


PMS happens, but fights don’t have to. We’ve got some tips on how to avoid a PMS fueled fight, when you’re seeing red. Breathe Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. When you’re all wound up, deep breathing can help you let it go. Take a moment to center yourself, to move away from the situation, and catch your breath. Talk it Out It might not be your first choice, but…


How Grown Men Handle Periods and PMS

Women are certainly no strangers to being given shit from men for having our period. We’ve all heard the comments about our moodiness or been treated like our monthly pain in the uterus is no big deal, but thankfully not all guys throw shame to our lady time. Whether it’s a boyfriend, brother, or just a guy friend, some guys get it because they’re grown ass men and they…


10 Super Simple PMS Pick-Me-Ups

Some things are inevitable as a woman; getting PMS is one of them for over 85 percent of women. Wildly fluctuating hormones akin to an endocrine tornado complete with flying cows is one reason PMS may be invading your emotional trailer park. Your normally Amazonian pain-tolerance is now set off by the slightest breeze, and you aren’t getting the shut-eye you need as your body prepares to clean…

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Menstrual Delights: The Best Adult Beverages for your Period

While most experts will tell you it is not advisable to drink alcohol during your period for a host of reasons, sometimes you just want a drink to soothe your cramps or feel a little less “bleh.” Invite over your gals, wheel out the bar cart, and make a few drinks to toast Eve’s Curse. Soon enough you will be celebrating your endometrial sloughing with some spirits!…