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How to Use Ayurveda to Soothe Period Pain


Life is a balancing act, and your period is no exception. One of the ways to stay balanced during this time of the month is to turn to the ancient Vedic medicine, Ayurveda. The sister-science of yoga, Ayurveda is a system fundamentally grounded in balancing the mind and body. Ayurveda is a fascinating and long-held tradition that has been shown to manage health effectively. According to Ayurveda, a…

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MG Asks: Can Precum Get You Pregnant?


It’s an urban legend heard ‘round the globe. The story of the teenagers, the woman down the street, or the last guy in the bar that one fateful night; they didn’t have intercourse, but somehow, they found themselves with a child from a minute or two of “just the tip.” You didn’t believe them, right? Maybe you should have. We decided to investigate this age-old question and find…

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Women in Film: The Femme Led Films in 2018 That We Can’t Wait For

women in film

The numbers are out: women in film drove the highest grossing box office sales in 2017 for the first time in 60 years. Thankfully, with the 2018 line-up, Hollywood is doubling-down on female narratives and we can’t wait. Here are just a few of the many female-driven films to catch this year: Women of Action This year women are heading up several action thrillers. The mesmerizing, exceptionally talented…


What’s the Deal with Craving Carbs During Your Period?

craving carbs

It happens like clockwork each month. The moment your period begins, you start a lusty pursuit of carbohydrates. The cravings start simply enough, a bagel for breakfast, or a pastry on the way to work, and by the end of the day, your food diary is telling deep, doughy sins of the carb variety. What’s up with craving carbs during our period and how can we keep those…

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Orgasms and Other *Interesting* Cramp Remedies

Women Can't Orgasm

Cramps seem like an inescapable fate for many people who have periods every month. Over half of people who menstruate report some sort of cramping or pain while they are menstruating. No doubt you’ve been told to eat right, exercise, and drink lot of water to make them better (Are you rolling your eyes because I sure do when someone tries to ‘Goop me.’) But when all the…

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Squirting 101: The Myth and the Magic

It’s the female quandary of the ages. No one really knows what it’s about and if they do know, they aren’t really talking about it. Britain banned it from pornography, and everyone has their two cents to give on what the fluid is. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths and set the record straight on all things squirting. Myth #1: It’s urine Well,…