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FYI Girl Power

Womanspreading 101: The What, Why, Who, & How (Can I Get Involved)


Women all over the world are making more room for themselves and uncrossing their legs to protest society’s attempt to make us smaller via leg stance. It’s called womanspreading. Make room. What is Womanspreading? Instead of compacting ourselves into quiet corners, women are ignoring the female-only rules about “sitting like a lady” and spreading their legs as wide as they like. Why are Women Doing It? It’s not…

Endometriosis Foundation Real Talk

Real Talk: Stronger Than My Endometriosis Struggle


This piece, Stronger Than My Struggle: My Battle with Hormones and Beyond, originally appeared on By Kelly Jones, Shreveport, IA I feel broken inside sometimes. I’ve struggled with periods, sex, getting a handle on my emotions, and getting pregnant. It seems like these things come so easily to other women, and it makes me feel like I’m defective. Although I don’t consider myself lucky to have endometriosis, I do consider…


7 Simple Tricks to Help Avoiding a PMS Fueled Fight


PMS happens, but fights don’t have to. We’ve got some tips on how to avoid a PMS fueled fight, when you’re seeing red. Breathe Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. When you’re all wound up, deep breathing can help you let it go. Take a moment to center yourself, to move away from the situation, and catch your breath. Talk it Out It might not be your first choice, but…

Girl Power

5 Badass Female Illustrators to Watch Right Now

female illustrators

It’s no secret that art inspires, but at its best it also empowers. There are countless incredible female illustrators using their art to do just that. Using humor and poignant observations of society, the conversations these artists provoke with their work are crucial if we are going to affect true change. Here are some female artists we’re currently swooning over: Alison Rachel Alison Rachel’s Recipes for Self Love…

FYI Period Guide

Menstrual Delights: Baths for Period Pain (P.S. They Burn Calories)

Baths for Period Pain

There’s nothing like a hot bath to help you unwind, relax, and even to cool your cramps. It’s a well-known secret that baths for period pain work wonders and we’re here to spread the news for those who aren’t yet in-the-know. How do baths relax you? A University of Wolverhampton study found “bathing improved general psychological wellness radically.” The quiet solitude spent in absolute (womb-like) comfort, can help you…